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Nala's Doggie Page

Welcome to my page. My mom will be doing all the work for me. My paws are to big for these little keys! My name is Nala, I'm a Shepard/Chow/Dingo mix. I was adopted from the Humane Society of North Texas. My mom likes to call me Silly girl, what's so silly about playing in the monkey grass? I'll be a whole 2 years old in January! I've already driven my mom insane trying to keep up with me! I learned how to get my buddies,Cheyanne and Lil' Girl, to help me get out of our yard! Cheyanne and Lil' Girl are American Pit Bulls. They're almost a year old. We all like to follow mom to the store and the park when she goes :)
Will she ever learn? You can't leave us babies home alone!

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