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A Loving Wife

A loving wife

Dedicated in loving memory to Tina Parr.

Written By Slim

I rode my horse to the very top
of old Cavanaw hill.
Up in that saddle, I bowed my head
to ask God his will.

The sun was setting in the west
like gold high above,
The wind was whispering the name
of my one true love.
"Dear God, How do I do it?
How should I go on?"
"I want to just give up,
why should I be alone?"
"What did I do to You?
Was it something I said?"
"If it was, how dare you!
It's me that should be dead!"
"She never did nothin'
to deserve what she got!"
"She was the first one to serve you,
or maybe you forgot!"
"If there's a reason to this,
I wish you'd explain,"
"'Cause I just can't see one.
What was there to gain?"
Then the Lord spoke from on high
to him down below,
"My son, I do not explain myself.
That much you should know."
"Where were you when I made this earth
that you live upon,"
"and what were you doing
when I engraved the first dawn"?
"Were you there helping me
when I gave Man his life"?
"I suppose you had no help at all
finding that loving wife?"
"Now her time on earth is over,
her last days were hard."
"I'm wasn't punishing you, my son,
I was granting her reward."
In Memory of Tina Parr


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