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Cher's Funny Farm

Welcome to Cher's Funny Farm


I'm glad you're here!

Welcome to the Funny Farm!!
We have lots of cute animals to enjoy here at the farm.

I hope while you are here you will realize that true love of your pets necessitates a lot of time and effort as well as an

active interest

in studying their habits and behavior.

Never get a pet without THINKING of the long term responsibilities and the animal's long term well being!!! THEY ARE DEPENDENT ON YOU. :)

It is my sincere desire to have my visitors enjoy their time here at the Funny Farm and that you will enjoy the pictures as well as the "educational content here and on further pages.

In the meantime, please visit ALL the links listed and REMEMBER:

God gave us 'dominion' over the animals to care for them as well as use them humanely.

Visit These Links


EGG Preservation
Country Side Magazine
Rabbit Education Society
Square Foot Gardening


Funny Farmer's Discussion Board
Pond Gallery & Discussion

Salvation Station
Church/Pastor Contact
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