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I got both of my signs from Munchy's World! She's a great girl!

Hey People! I just wanted to say that I just learned how to make dolls! I can make any type, including cultural dolls. Send me a form and tell me what you want! And also thanks for visiting my site!

Hey People!! If you've got any ideas about my other page (OR EVEN THIS PAGE), EMAIL ME! I need it! See ya!!!

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Hello All! Oh my Gosh!! It's been soooooooooooooooooooo long since I updated my webpage. My computer has been doing stupid stuff. I can go to a website, but if I want to do anything off the website or go somewhere from the website it FREEZES!!! I hate that! If anybody knows anything about that, email me: In the mean time...See ya! -Lauren

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^~~My Zodiac Doll I got her at Lala Land. She's got an awesome site!
Hey...and guys...Sign my guestbook. Tell me what you think. Thanks! Tell your friends about my site. THE MORE THE MERRIER!

One more thing...When your done checkin out my site, check out Kate's. She's got a really cool site!
Once again...Thanks!!
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