Natural Seasons
Size of strength within
a sparrow lit an owl shaded
presume summer with willing time
feline unseen towards panthered flight

a maze of spring seas to souls
mystified in height
left to question to right wander
gracefully in land of beauty
followed sun by lighted moon
presence to astound
in glamor fluid peaceful aura
from heart in bees
appreciation carried hindered of awe
to absence nothing in thoughts sounding
music with keyed seasons and opens
roaring silence surrounds contemplates where
rhythmic crossed beams tide
waving balance parallel to
winter flames melting
liquid horizons on ice
fulfilling great depths
seats of sandy stars find
cardinals in flight falcons touching down
powder black cubs show
shining leaves to swimming fall
charcoal white wolves stray
a dim with vivid colours
singing blossoms to trees
with mourning dusk
yawning to evening

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Words from bitty for appreciation of dedication to wonder, and choice, with unspoken understanding. This music from Ace of Base is greatly valued by me and hopefully is not infringing upon copyrights.