Wings inspired by you...

Wings inspired by you

Our wing tips touch
your love, in flight.
I'll ride with you, on the winds, ...will you take me,
as I glide

we share
Emotional bond
the only surface that I have found
to hold on.
If I let go I would be carried away
on these wings inspired by you.

Our wing tips will bond in destiny. I'll ride with you, on our wind. Take me there
as I glide

we fly, the currents of eagles.
We soar, through their vast blue.
As their spirit drifts through us
high on the passion, I'll look across to you.

Our wing tips will touch and I'll ride with you, on our wind. Let me take you
as I glide.

The sun will shine upon
the turbulence we ride
and guide

our wing tips as they touch, and I'll ride with you, on our wind. Will you take me
as I glide.

We can fly
                                         Bitty 1999

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My deepest gratitude,
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