When I Dream About You...

To my true love,

I want to write you a letter,

but I don't know what to say.

Instead, I just sit here and cry.

Every time the phone rings I hurry over to see who it is.

That little box just mocks me, "ha ha you're the idiot, 'cause I made you look."

The silence here, all alone, is deafening,

but I keep listening

in hopes, of hearing you.

When I am outside I see you drive into the driveway.

You go inside,

you just forgot something.

All I can do is watch.

You never come back out because you never went in

and you don't take anything because there is nothing that you left that you want.

I see your dog Angel, in your truck,

but she is just there for the ride.

Then, she disappears.

I used to love to sleep,

because I saw you there.

You never speak,

but at least I get to see you.

Now, whenever I dream, I see that your new lover is mean to you.

All I can do is cry.

When I wake, I call out your name.

But no one ever answers.

No one is here.

You never say goodbye

You are still just as gone.

Written with love

November 06,1998

from Bitty

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