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May 24, 2000

TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!!!! I can't believe that it's finally here; it's all gone by so fast. It's been an awesome four years, and as much as I am ready to move on, I am definetly going to miss CHS. To everyone I knew there, thanks for the memories....and to all the seniors, we're outta here!!

Anyway, a TON has happened since the last time I wrote. First of all, I have decided to attend Texas Tech University in the fall; and I am totally excited about it! It came down to either there or A&M and in the end it was really no contest at all....Tech is definetly more my style than A&M.

Well, graduation is Monday, and I am pumped about that one also-- especially because I will have my family here for it, which really makes the whole day awesome. Then, we have an all-night party called "Project Graduation" afterwards, which will also be cool. (I've heard that it is costing 30,000 dollars this year, so I at least know it's expensive!) Then, two days after all of that, I will leave El Paso for good and go back to Lubbock with my family.

Well, I must be going, but I will write some more this weekend most likely. Take it easy everyone!