The Amazon Xociety is an intergenerational feminist organization dedicated to cultivating an empowerment lifestyle among women and girls. We are open to those women who embrace proactivity and a positive mentality in their lives. We are an organization serving the practical needs of our membership while reaching out into the general community of women.

We represent diverse backgrounds, philosophies, and ages. We invite you to join our Xociety if you have an interest in building a stronger community for women. We offer many excellent opportunities for newcomers to become involved. Some of our past projects were: The First Sex (a feminist radio program which focused on human rights and social injustices for women), Free Weekly Spanish Classes, Grant Writing Project Group, Amazon Project House, Website Development, Mentoring, Personal Development Nights, Economic Development Nights, Amazon Media Watch Group, and a quality Sex Education Program for Girls. Future plans in programming include workshops on Media Critique and Public Speaking & Debate for Women, a monthly Women's History Lecture, and monthly movie screening. These practical programs are a platform to instigate real life changes for women.

We invite you to come to any of our events, enjoy the company of other women, network, and create liberating changes for yourself with the moral support of the Amazon sisterhood.

The Amazon Xociety strives to elevate the woman and reclaim the sacredness of femininity. This does not mean debasing men. The Xociety does not scapegoat men; as doing so would only absolve women of their own responsibility. While we admire the strength and independence of the Amazons of the Bronze Age, we strive to create a new tradition of achievement for women. Our war is that for parity in society where women can expect to receive the same opportunities as those afforded to men.

The Amazon Xociety meets once a month for a business meeting on every fourth Monday. By having only one meeting per month, this allows the Xociety to focus on organizing, implementing, and sustaining our programs which are the foundation for initializing change. We use these practical programs as a platform to initiate real life changes for women.

For more info on The Amazon Xociety, contact us at:
713-731-0251 or