Hands Off Iraq
Leave My Iraqi Sisters Alone
No Blood for Oil
No to Oil Wars
Coalition of the GREEDY
War is sweet to those who haven't tasted it. ~by Erasmus
Bombing for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity

Bush Behaving Badly
Bad Boy Bush
Prune the Bushes or Prune the Bushes Back (Bushes? =daddy Bush, son, daughters)
Bush is Big Bully
Barbara, Tell Your Baby to Behave
Barbara's Baby Behaving Badly
Barbara's Bad Boy
(The Barbara ones are about reminding her and ALL women/MOTHERS that they have a lot of power where their children are concerned and should use it for peace. Her child is sending other women's children to kill other women's children. What kind of sense does that make? None. Women ALWAYS lose out in a war.)

Once again I was confronted by the lack of a feminist consciousness by the women in the activist community. Some of the chants I started included: 1)Childcare, Not Warfare 2)Healthcare, Not Warfare 3)Eldercare, Not Warfare 4)Rape is Terrorism Against Women. Disappointingly, none of these were picked up by other protesters, not even by the women. As far as I could tell, I was still the only person, the only woman, with a poster giving any attention to gender violence, of course, I mean male violence. I received great reactions to my posters by women, and even some men:

Violence is MALE Inspired
"MEN + playing with their dicks = WAR"
Bombs Look Like the Dicks that Made Them
RAPE Is Terrorism!

Women Against War
Healthcare NOT Warefare
Patriots Prefer Peace
Thou Shalt NOT Kill
REFORM U.S. Foreign Policy

Bombs Look Like the Dicks that Made Them
Child Support NOT War Support
Send Deadbeat Dads to the Frontline
Eldercare NOT Warfare
Rape IS Terrorism Against Women
WOMEN'S REPUBLIC of Afghanistan
Afganistan Needs a QUEEN not a king

Free College Education at Home
NOT Annihilation Abroad

Afghan WOMEN are the Majority
Demand Women in Leadership

It's a MAN's War
Testosterone Causes War
ALL Wars Are Started By MEN!
Do NOT Spend My Money on War!!
Wars Wreck WOMEN the Worst

At the end of the march was the rally, at which several women came up asked for one of my poster. All my posters got taken (I only let women take my posters), in Austin I asked women who didn't have a poster to carry one of mine and they gladly did so. I had many other slogans but I didn't have time to make the posters up beforehand.

I hope that some of you will want to create a gender based poster and display. I will post the above slogans plus some more on the Amazon website. Aside from protesting and calling/writing our elected officials there's not much that we can do to stop what our gov't is doing. But, we can reach people, especially women, by tying this war movement into the issues that affect women Every day in This country.


I'd love to hear from anyone who'd be interested in doing a women's protest against the war. I believe it would be an extremely powerful statement.