Help us build a Houston Area Coalition on Sex-Trafficking
  • If your organization works on this issue at all, we invite you to join our coalition.
  • If you would like to learn more about this issue, please contact us.
  • We need Houston Area shelters to participate and provide emergency shelter for women and young girls who've been trafficked when sex-trafficking rings are busted locally.
  • We need lawyers who can advise survivors of their rights and options.
  • All are invited to join

    The Amazon Xociety urges you to get involved
    in ending the sex-trafficking (aka sex slavery/forced prostitution) of women and girls. We need more warriors in this fight, so join us and make a real difference! As The Amazon Xociety is based in Houston, Texas those of you living in the Greater Houston area are especially needed to work with us. For those of you in other parts of the country, please help in whatever manner you are able: find other interested persons to form a group or raise awareness through letters to the editor, make a donation to The Amazon Xociety or another organization working on this issue.
    Please contact The Amazon Xociety at:, 713-731-0251, or 4617 Edfield St.#3, Houston, Texas 77033. THANK YOU.

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