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Our Sisters in Bondage

Join us in our condemnation of this slavery!

ARTICLES (more to come)

GABNet: Regulating the Mail-Order Bride Industry Read Now

GABNet: Filipinas Not For Sale! End the Export of Filipinas Read Now

The MiraMed Insitute: "Preliminary Survey Report on Sexual Trafficking in the CIS" (Commonwealth of Independent States, formerly the USSR) Read Now

LaStrada: Report on the Violation of Rights and Freedoms of Ukrainian Women in Foreign Countries Read Now

LaStrada: More from LaStrada Ukraine at Read Now

Houston Chronicle: Sex Trafficking Ring Busted in Houston (Read Now)

Institute for War and Peace: Kosovo Prostitution Racket Flourishes
UN struggles to break up lucrative Kosovo prostitution racket
By Adriatik Kelmendi in Pristina (BCR No. 230, 28-March-01) Read Now

Singapore Seeks Global Efforts to Stamp Out Piracy, Human Smuggling (Borneo Bulletin - May 9, 2001)(Read Now)

Germany Set to Legalise Prostitution
(BBC Online News Report: May 11, 2001) (Read Now)

Sex Trafficking in Alaska. Feb.2001 Read Now

Domestic dispute turns into international affair
Maryland dispute illustrates legal perils for mail-order brides. The Washington Post. July 8, 2001. Read Now

INDONESIA - Trade in women must stop
Jakarta Post. Oct 1,2001 Read Now