Houston, Texas

Members of the:
Houston Peace and Justice Center
Houston Distributor of the Welfare Mothers' Voice, a publication of Welfare Warriors

About The Amazon Xociety:
Welcome Letter
Human Rights for Women!


 To reach our full potential as individuals
        * Finding meaningful work that you enjoy (reaching vocational goals)
        * Becoming the best mother or sister you can be
 To encourage self-development
        * Becoming the person you've always wanted to be
        * Developing your creative or intuitive/psychic skills
 To build self-esteem
        * Learn to feel good about yourself, get rid of all those insecurities, 
          reaffirm your own strengths, and if you've forgotten what those strengths are, come rediscover them!
 To fully participate in society, to exert influence
 To mentor each other
        * Motivate, encourage, push another sister towards her goals,
          especially when she's tired, frustrated, or feels likes giving up
 To flex your power en masse
 To improve our economic situation, to increase our earning power
 To build a sense of community among women
        * To be in a positive environment with other women of a like mind
        * To be around women who can converse on a variety of topics and not
          just limited to the usual fare of sports, sex, and concerts
 To be a part of an extended family
        * Ever hear the expression "Friends Are Chosen Family"?