Pillars of our Temple

Ethical Sisterhood
Try to cultivate a strong sense of sisterhood wherever you are. Reach out to the shy women who are often too reserved to break out of heir shells. Perpetuate an ethical sisterhood, try to abstain from arguing in front of men, or harshly criticizing other women in mixed company.

To advance causes that we believe in and create a world that is Amazon friendly and is shaped by Amazons. It is our duty to watch for kindred Amazon spirits to join us.

All Amazons must seek knowledge. Be you self-learned or educated formally, you will gather knowledge and continually stretch your mind. Amazons are not slaves to dogma!

Amazons are loyal to the sisterhood. We support each other and love each other. Every child of a sister is a child of the sisterhood.

Men bear no right to control women's sexuality. Her body is her own. Women are entitled to be full sexual beings according to the dictates of their own hearts. It doesn't belong to society...a church...her husband...or any man. Women have a right to express their sexuality without male control. Every Amazon defines her own sexuality. We don't accept patriarchal demands on our sexuality.

We are spiritual creatures. Every Amazon defines her own spirituality. We don't accept dogma blindly, and we are seekers of our own expression of spirituality. Each meeting shall begin with a 5-minute meditation. Religious rivalries are not tolerated!

Reject Patriarchy
We reject patriachy in all its forms. We reject the patriarchal institutions which have oppressed women for centuries.

Pass on the Amazon philosophy to young Amazons. Every child of a sister is a child of the sisterhood. Every Amazon is part of this extended family. The African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" is so true! In our Amazon village, we will reinforce the mother's teachings. We will mentor our children and each other regardless of age.

Try to judge evenhandedly, to keep all things in balance. Try to correct injustices as you feel able.

Every Amazon is a creative being. Even if you don't know what your talent is, it is there. Begin a quest to discover your creative self. Find an outlet to express your creativity.

To ensure the survival of the Amazon sisterhood. End economic dependency on men. Become financially self-reliant. Support each other in business, entrepreneurship is our cornerstone.

A woman's body belongs to her and her alone. Women: Protect your own health; for it is the foundation of happiness. Without health, we have nothing. Some Principle Methods: martial arts, yoga, ballet, hiking, and swimming.

Never to be forgotten. We listen to each other, and we hear each other. No one person's opinion is more valuable than another's. Ours is an egalitarian Xociety.


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