Member of the Houston Peace and Justice Center


These position papers were developed to let you know where The Amazon Xociety stands on some of the major issues of our time. Any questions or comments regarding the stance that the Xociety has taken on these topics may be addressed to or 4617 Edfield St. #3, Houston, Texas 77033. 713-731-0251.

The U.S. War on Terrorism (Afghanistan)

The Taliban Treatment of Women in Afghanistan

Honor Killings

Sex Trafficking

Reproductive Rights

Female Genital Mutilation

(The typical sweatshop worker is a woman between 14 and 21!)

Child Labor

Animal Rights

Pacifica Foundation and Free Speech Radio

The U.S. War on Drugs

The Continued U.S. Bombing of Iraq

World-wide Boycott on Nestle for Violations In Its Marketing of Baby Formula

Stay at Home Moms vs. Go Out to Work Moms

The WTO and IMF (World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund)

Reparations for African Americans (Decendants of Slaves)

U.S. Imperialism

Genetically Engineered Foods

War on the Poor

Israeli Violation of the Helsinki Accord (Occupation of the West Bank)

School of the Americas

This page last updated April 16th. You are invited to help us craft position papers on any of the above subjects.