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Primary Listserv for Organization Business

THE AMAZON XOCIETY (THEAX) is a non-profit feminist organization based in Houston, Texas. At THEAX, we are dedicated to the practical empowerment of women and girls. This is a general discussion list for TAX members and women who are seriously considering membership. Topics will cover Amazon business including meeting planning and announcements, project development, Amazon and feminist philosophies. Members are requested to post once a month.

The Amazon Xociety will consider alliances with other Amazon groups based on character, integrity, project implementation history, and complementary mission.

~ Honoring Women and Their Struggles While Creating Sisterhood ~ (new site) (Amazon-themed Webzine in Production) (Amazon Feminist Radio Show)

Our media projects focus on: Human rights, social justice, and personal effectiveness issues from a feminist perspective featuring interviews, news, speeches, profiles, herstory, and a women's community calendar.

LIST OF PROJECTS IN PROGRESS FOR 2006 (Visit website for more details)
One Book – One Sisterhood Project, 2006 Title: PENDING
Power Dynamics Study Group (Study of power dynamics in our society)
Internalized Sexism Conference 2006
Goddess Study Group
Analysis of Argument Fallacies (a seminar on critical thinking)
The Amazon Time Webzine (volunteer: editorial board/production work)
Juneteenth (Texas Emancipation Day) at Houston Women's Group. Topic: Do Women Feel Liberated in 2006?
Feminism’s Impact on Women’s Perceptions of Self-Image
Current Status of Feminism in Houston (Roundtable/facilitated discussion)
Houston Feminist Roundtable (Continue bringing Houston feminist groups together)


Goddess Spirituality & Collective Consciousness


Increase your discipline for meditation, level of awareness, and tap into our collective consciousness.

The Amazon Meditation Circle is open to all Amazons and women regardless of their tribal/organizational affiliations. We meditate to generate positive energy for the women in this group and the entire Amazon diaspora, feminist community, and all other women. We meditate on the power to overcome whatever is facing each of us: negativity, unemployment, bad health, stress; but mostly to build cooperation among women everywhere. We want to reach critical mass to affect thinking on a global scale.

Sample Topics for Group Meditation:
* Women embracing their power rather than abdicating it.
* Women manifesting power in their everyday lives.
* Awakening in ALL women and girls a desire for stronger sisterhood.
* Attacking the war mentality of our political leaders.
* Ending global conflicts.
* Passage of Important legislation.
* Ending internalized sexism among women.
* Ending female aggression against other women.
* Ending mysogyny in our society.
* Ending the sexual exploitation and trafficking of women.
* That the truth of every situation is revealed.

[This is a project of The Amazon Xociety, Houston,Texas]