Campaigns We Have Endorsed

Pro-Choice Rally (September 2006) Speak Out Against Halliburton's War Profiteering at the Annual Shareholders meeting in Houston. (April 16th, 2004) CODE PINK Women for Peace (The Amazon Xociety is a co-sponsor)

National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Immigrants (February 20th, 2002)
Sponsored by La Resistencia. Go Visit

Act Now to Stop War & End Racism (ANSWER) March. (November 18th, 2001)
Houston ANSWER march to protest the US war against Afghanistan. Go Visit

Co-Sponsor of the Andrea Pia Yates Candlelight Vigil (September 18th, 2001)
To show our support for mothers suffering pre-partum/post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis. To help bring more attention to the psychological needs of new mothers and point out how our society and healthcare system has failed women in the supreme act of motherhood.

Co-sponsor of the Houston Peace and Justice Center's Criminal Justice Citizen's Summit (February 2001) Go Visit
This much need event was created to inform the public and give them greater understanding of how the criminal (in)justice system works in Texas. It included a legislative update and groupwork on creative solutions. The Amazon Xociety is a proud member of HPJC.

SEE CHANGE Campaign by Catholics for Free Choice (2001) Go Visit
See Change (Removal of the Holy See (the Vatican) from the UN on the basis that the Vatican is not a state, but rather a church.) See Change is a wonderful and much needed movement to remove The Vatican's from the United Nations where it continually blocks meaningful legislation on healthcare for women because of it's view on planned parenthood, contraception, and abortion which fits in with the mysogynistic tradition it has upheld for centuries.

Global March for Women (October 2000)
Women from everywhere marched on Washington, D.C. Demonstrations organized around the world!

Mobilization for Global Justice: Break the Bank (April 16, 2000) Go Visit
Organizing to reform the World Trade Organization and International Monetary Fund

Victory Over Violence Campaign (October 2000) Go Visit

Co-sponsor of the Pax Christi Jubilee 2000 Advertising Campaign (August 2001)

Save Pine Brush National Estate (New South Wales, Australia)
Campaign to help save a nature reserve against corporate interests. Contact Dyson & Vivienne at Go Visit

No More Victims: Healing the Inner Child Workshop
Project placed on hold by NMV