Listening parties are our gift to the women's community of Houston, Texas. You can expect to hear a show that has aired along with some upcoming pieces that haven't been aired, some great feminist music and poetry, and hear comments from crew members, ask questions and make suggestions for how we can better serve you. We'll discuss issues of media critique, media access for women, and the importance of feminist voice going out over the airwaves.

Our next listening party is scheduled for 5/25/02, so come out listen to the

SUNDAY, May 25th, 10:45am
First Unitarian Universalist Church
5200 Fannin @Southmore

Hi Y'All,
KIM COTTON is hosting a listening party for anyone who wants to hear, or missed
hearing, yesterday's edition of THE FIRST SEX which was our third show.  Plus,
I think we'll have some of the great feminist music from the second show and a 
few more cuts.
 FRIDAY, APRIL 26th, 8:00PM
 Oscar's Creamery
 On Westheimer @ Waugh
 Contact Info:
 Items Aired:  Herstory (Women's History)
               Women and Self-Defense
               Women's Perspective on the Coup and Counter-Coup in Venezuela
               Animal Rights:  SHAC-Houston's Smash HLS Campaign
                               (SHAC: Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty)
                               (HLS: Huntington Laboratory Science)
               Amazon Roundtable:  Discussion on Women and War
               Status of Health Care for Women in Texas
               Great Feminist Music and Poetry!
 Please join us, and have a great listen!

Future listing parties may include the Women's Community Calendar.

Human Rights for Women