• First feminist show to air in over 10 years in Houston
  • First feminist show by a feminist organization
  • First show on the human rights of women and social/gender justice issues
  • First show to discuss matriarchal spirituality, paganism, and goddess movement
  • First show to discuss mothering issues (not about children)
  • First show to discuss vegetarianism and health food
  • First show to discuss health/medical issues
  • First show to discuss animal rights
  • First aired WINGS (Women's International News Gathering Service)
    Station management refused to do so for over a year.
  • First show produced and aired by a member organization of the Houston Peace and Justice Center

  • As the first feminist show in years we set the standard in feminist programming and continued to do until cancellation
  • As the first feminist show in years on KPFT, we inspired two other spin-offs
  • Our clear vision of woman inspired feminist programming set the benchmark so high that TFS still has not been matched in quality or promotion of women's programming
  • Our quality programming has yet to be exceeded or even matched
  • Constantly challenged station management to expand feminist/women's programming and increase the number of women programmers
  • Heavily recruited women to the station, trained them, and gave them air time and fulfilled the Amazon vision
  • We produced precisely the kind of programming that we said we would in our show proposal. (Read show proposal here.)

    To all of our wonderful supporters, THANK YOU!

    The Amazon Xociety has more exciting media projects in development including one collaborative project with Themyscyra (East Coast) and Pan Amazonia (Canada).

    In the meantime until we officially announce our future media projects, please support our other projects: ONE BOOK-ONE SISTERHOOD PROJECT, our Conference on Internalized Sexism, and our Power Dynamics Study Group, and our Goddess Study Group.

    No other feminist organization in Houston has produced the number or variety of projects as The Amazon Xociety. All projects are focused on the practical empowerment of women. Now is the time for you to join our dynamic organization. Please visit our membership page.