"Nothing is so important to the function of a free government as the general difussion of knowledge and intellegence of every kind.
"Education conveys personal happiness."
Ezekiel Cullen, 1st Secretary of Education of the Republic of Texas, 18--

The Amazon Xociety believes that every Amazon should be educated up to the highest level possible for her. Education is a way to enlightenment, while having a higher education doesn't guarantee economic independence, it can put you a lot closer. If women are to become the leaders of tomorrow then we must educate ourselves today.

The society that we live in today has produced a vast majority of people who can no longer determine who is and who is NOT intelligent for themselves, and are depending on institutions to tell them. This is why credentials play such a major factor in the job market.

Likewise, the general public has been trained to be dependent on and seek out "experts". One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a solid formal education. Every staunch feminist should have or be pursuing a college degree. The credibility of feminists is always under attack and the best weapon you can have in your arsenal is a college degree, even better if it's an advanced degree.

If you are confused about what to study, think strategically and consider that we need more women in:

SCIENCE: Because the sciences are becoming the last battleground of intellect. Girls are still being told that they can't do math, can't do science. Science is --- Science cannot be left to men.

MEDIA: Because women get drowned out very often when we speak out against injustices. Women are considered so insignificant by our society that we rarely get the kind of attention we deserve. Our voices are lost in media owned and controlled by men. To gain visibility and attention for the important issues that are of major concern to women, i.e. Status of women around the world, Female Genital Mutilation, Sexual Harrassment, Sex Trafficking of women and girls, Rape, Domestic Violence, War on the Poor (mostly women and their children], Male Violence against women, Deadbeat Dads not paying Child Support, and so forth.)

LAW: Because laws determine who is slave and who is master, laws send women to prison for protecting their children, and judges are stripping women of custody. Laws determine who has a right to their children. The government is run by lawyers- not out of necessity, but by deliberate construction.
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"EDUCATION CONFERS PRIVATE HAPPINESS" Ezekiel Cullen, 1st Secretary of Education of the Republic of Texas.

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