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Frequently Asked Eagles Questions

1.0 The Band

1.1 Who has been in the band?

Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, Joe Walsh, Don Felder, Timothy B.

1.2 What bands were they in before forming the Eagles?

Frey was in a folk duo, Longbranch Pennywhistle, with John David Souther, Henley was in Felicity and then Shiloh, Leadon had been in the Flying Burrito Brothers, Meisner did a stint in Poco, Felder was with an outfit called Flow, and Schmit did time with The New Breed, Glad, and Poco. Joe Walsh was in The James Gang and Barnstorm

1.3 How did the Eagles form?

To make a long story short...Glenn met Don H. at the Troubadour. He invited Don to go out on
tour backing Linda Ronstadt for about $200 a week. Don agreed. He and Frey decided to recruit
some other guys and get their own band. They got together with Randy and Bernie, enlisted the
help of David Geffen and the rest is history.

1.4 How did the band get its name?

To quote Bernie:"Well, we all wanted one (a name) that was short and concise, with an image,
and we were aware that a name is what you make it. I wanted a name wit hsome imagery.
Everybody was reading Castaneda then and we wanted a name that had some mythological
connotation. Frey wanted a name that could have been a Detroit street gang and Henley was
sort of going along with the Indian vibe and all that, and everybody wanted a name that was just
tough, you kno; (in deep voice) 'Hey! We're the fucking Eagles, man!' There was definitely a
West Side Story aspect to it; 'We're fucking Jets, you know. We're the fucking Eagles, kiss my
ass!' so, that went down well, and we're the Eagles within a month of starting."

1.5 When and why did Randy leave the band?

Randy left the band after the Hotel California album because he was not happy working with
Henley/Frey any longer.

1.6 How did Bernie leave the band?

Bernie wasn't happy with the harder edge the band was taking. One day, he just got up, said
"I'm going surfing" and never came back.

1.7 How did Don Felder come to join the band?

The band quite liked his guitar playing and after he did so well on the On the Border sessions,
he was asked to make the band a full time gig.

1.8 How did Joe Walsh come to join the band?

Joe's path had crossed with the Eagles' quite a bit. Henley and Frey had done some studio work on Walsh albums, and Joe had joined up with the Eagles on tour. It seemed only natural that he joined.

1.9 I've heard the band was really wild in the 70s, is this true?

As Glenn Frey once said, "We were the biggest touring party in the 70s." Their after show, third
encores are legendary.

1.10 What is "room trash"?

The act of destroying a room. On tour with the Eagles' TVs ended up in swimming pools and Joe Walsh created doorways with his chain saw. Glenn says that after a while they got more subtle. They'd be watching the tonight show and someone would decide that "Johnny (Carson) looks thirsty". They'd dump water into the TV and watch it self-destruct.

1.11 Why did the band break up?

Some say that they were breaking up since the first day they were together...pressures following up Hotel California built up to the boiling point while recording The Long Run. It was nobody's fault and everyone's fault. They broke up in 80, but didn't announce it until 1982.

1.12 I heard sometime in the mid-80s that they were going to get back together. Why didn't this

Glenn and Don just weren't ready to give up the past. They tried it, but found that things in their
personal lives got in the way.

1.13 Why did they finally decide to get back together?

As Glenn says, "Timing"

1.14 Why wasn't Randy asked to rejoin the band?

The HFO tour was a RESUMPTION...not a REUNION. He left the band, so he was never even
considered for the 90's version.

1.15 Why was the tour called "Hell Freezes Over"?

After the band broke up, Henley said they'd get back together when Hell Froze over, so.....

1.16 Why were ticket prices so high?

As Glenn Frey said, "They included parking"

1.17 Why did they stop touring for a while in September of 1994?

Glenn came down with a bad case of his chronic diverticolitis and had to have inches of his
intestine removed in sugery.

1.18 What are the band's future plans?

The word from the band these days seems to be that they will take a break and then sit down
and talk about the future of the band. There are no more tour dates planned, but Henley has
mentioned the possibility of a few benefit dates. Henley also needs to work on his new solo
album for Warner Brothers (Fall of 98). The band did say, though that they will not tour again
unless they have a new album.

2.0 The Members

2.1 Where are each of the band members from originally?

Don Henley is from Linden, Texas (that's east Texas to those of you pulling
out your maps....go south from Texarkana on highway 59), Glenn Frey is from Detroit, Randy
Meisner is from Scottsbluff, Nebraska, Joe Walsh was born in Wichita, Kansas but spent a lot
of his childhood in Ohio, Bernie Leadon is from somewhere in Minnesota, Timothy Schmit is the only native Californian having been born in Oakland, and Don Felder is from
Gainsville, Florida.

2.2 Where do the band members live now?

Don Henley has homes in Los Angeles, Woody Creek, CO, and Dallas (it's in the process of being renovated) and a cabin at Caddo Lake in Texas; Glenn has places in L.A., Snowmass, CO and Hawaii, Joe is somewhere in LA; Randy has places in LA and Nebraska; Bernie is living in Nashville; Timmy, Randy and Don F. have places in the LA area.

2.3 What are the names of their wives and kids?

Help us fill in the missing names here. Glenn is married to Cindy and has two kids, Taylor and
Deacon; Henley is recently married to Sharon and has a daughter, Annabelle and a son, Will. Timothy is married to Jean. He has a daughter, Jedrah from a previous marriage (to Noreen) He also has some other kids...Owen Faye and son, Ben; Don Felder is married to Susan. They have two sons, Jesse and Cody and two younger (13 + 16?) daughters (Leah and Rebeccah (Becky); Joe Walsh is currently single. He has a daughter, Lucy and has just recently become the father of a son. Randy is married for the second time and has some kids (son Dana and twins Eric and Heather). His first wife Jennifer recently lost a court battle for some of his royalties. His current wife is Lana.   Last we heard, Bernie was unattached. He has at least a son who looks to be between 17 and 22.

2.4 What are Randy and Bernie doing now?

Randy is playing clubs and corporate gigs with World Classic Rockers and Bernie (besides being in the group Run CnW) is doing a lot of producing and heading A&R at a Nashville record company (Pioneer). Both Randy and Bernie joined the rest of the band for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. They all, reportedly, had a blast.

2.5 Besides Glenn, do any other members have health problems?

Henley has throat problems, an ulcer and a bad back. He has suffered wrist injuries. We think they were carpal tunnel. He claims it was from opening a pickle jar. Don also claims to being blind in one eye. Felder also reportedly has a bad back. Joe has REALLY bad eyesight. Just ask Stevie Nicks. (To find out what we mean by this, read the liner notes to her Timespace album). Joe has also been suffering lately from a hand ailment. Randy also suffers from throat problems.

2.6 What causes do they support?

Well, as Henley likes to say, you'd have to be living under a rock not to know that he is involved
in preserving Walden Woods and providing a forum from which to saturate the world with the teachings of Henry David Thoreau. He has also started working on the preservation of Caddo
Lake near his boyhood home in East Texas. Don also actively supports the Democratic party. Glenn is an active participant of A Grass Roots Aspen Experience. He helps bring inner-city youth to the mountains to learn self-esteem and leadership. Glenn also supports the TJ Martell foundation. Joe, apparently, is involved with The American Kidney Foundation. Other causes supported over the years have included Free Speech, various environmental causes, Native American rights and Jerry Brown.

2.7 Where can I contact the Eagles?

Eagles 8900 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 200 Beverly Hills, CA 90211

2.8 Is there a fan club?

Not officially,

2.9 Do any of the individual members have a fan club?

Joe Walsh is the only member with his own fan club. For membership, send $12 to Joe Walsh Fan Club, PO Box 21280, Cleveland, OH 44121-0280. You get a card, picture, bumper sticker, button and discounts on merchandise.

2.10 What are their birthdays?

Glenn Frey 11/6/48; Joe Walsh 11/20/47; Timothy B. Schmit 10/30/47; Don Felder 9/21/47; Don Henley 7/22/47; Bernie Leadon 7/19/47; Randy Meisner 3/8/47

3.0 Various and Sundry Questions that Get Asked A Lot

3.1 What does the "B" in Timothy B. Schmit stand for?


3.2 What is that building on the cover of Hotel California?

The Beverly Hills Hotel. To verify this, go to the hotel's website. Click on the button that says "facilities" and you'll be able to see what we are talking about. The inside shot was taken in the lobby of the Lido Apartments. These Apartments no longer exist.

3.3 Is Hotel California satanic?

No! The song is not satanic. It means different things to everyone. It is not about Satan, a drug
trip, or an insane asylum, though. In a nutshell, it's about California and America in the 1970s.

3.4 If it's not satanic, why is the devil in the inside photo?

That's not the devil. It's a model who ingested too many substances and wandered upstairs. It isn't Anton LeVay either. Don't even try to tell us it's not.

3.5 What the hell is colitas?

Colitas is a desert flower. It is meant to evoke a heady, sweet smell. This is from the mouth of Don Henley.