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Weird Conversations

On this page I will have weird conversations from the week. It's kinda like the random quote except whole conversations.

Here's a conversation between me and Chad on 9-29-2004

SqeekLBH1: fucker

SqeekLBH1: lol

CNeck56: shit brick, lol

CNeck56: whats up

SqeekLBH1: just got off work, about to go work out with mike again

SqeekLBH1: trying to get buff ya know

CNeck56: sweet yall 2 running

CNeck56: or lifting

SqeekLBH1: yeah and lifting

SqeekLBH1: both

CNeck56: sweet

SqeekLBH1: we lifted and then went and ran a mile and half and walked a mile and a half

SqeekLBH1: my feet weigh 100 lbs

CNeck56: strong motivated basterds

SqeekLBH1: yeah its just one day

SqeekLBH1: lol

CNeck56: lol

CNeck56: lol

CNeck56: ggrreat

SqeekLBH1: as soon as we got back to the car we both lit up cigarettes, lol

CNeck56: lol, thats the true motivater

CNeck56: cigs

SqeekLBH1: yes

SqeekLBH1: lol

CNeck56: did mike enjoy the fair

SqeekLBH1: yeah i guess, he really enjoyed the Hemi girls from what i hear

CNeck56: lol, that's my boy

SqeekLBH1: yeah, ej had them bending over and shit and greg and mike were behind them looking up there skirts, lol

SqeekLBH1: id have those panties on my website if i were there

CNeck56: lol, that is awesome

CNeck56: LOL, i know, next time go with em

SqeekLBH1: yeah

SqeekLBH1: we are gonna take before pictures tonight, so once we get buff we can compare, lol

CNeck56: lol, something for the scrapbooks

SqeekLBH1: yes, so we can say, he look we USED to be fat bastards

CNeck56: hey i need to drive down and run with you guys

SqeekLBH1: so have you heard shinedowns version of simple man

CNeck56: i'm the reall fat man

SqeekLBH1: tonight?

SqeekLBH1: you coming to homecoming friday?

CNeck56: no, i'm not i have a football game to go to SqeekLBH1: pussy

SqeekLBH1: its homecoming

SqeekLBH1: you can go back after the game

SqeekLBH1: puss

CNeck56: i know but just can't miss the game

SqeekLBH1: who do yall play?

CNeck56: kansas state

SqeekLBH1: weak dude, we will smoke there asses

SqeekLBH1: im supposed to go to the baylor ut game

SqeekLBH1: baylor is gonna upset a&m this year

CNeck56: your full of shit man

CNeck56: who is west playing for homecomming

SqeekLBH1: i've been to 3 games this year, they look good

SqeekLBH1: we are playing Godley

CNeck56: 'we can beat um, right

SqeekLBH1: we've only scored 2 touchdowns in the last 3 games

SqeekLBH1: whitney is in first place 3-1

SqeekLBH1: they are picked to win the district

CNeck56: what

CNeck56: werid

SqeekLBH1: yeah

CNeck56: shit

SqeekLBH1: have you heard the district?

SqeekLBH1: whitney, godley, venus, west, glen rose, comanche

SqeekLBH1: and hillsboro

CNeck56: werid, i hope we make it to the playoffs

SqeekLBH1: yeah me too

SqeekLBH1: im listening to "can you feel the love tonight" by William Hung

SqeekLBH1: he

SqeekLBH1: he's had no professional training

SqeekLBH1: lol

CNeck56: that's sweet, did you buy the cd or just downloaded off the internet

SqeekLBH1: downloaded

SqeekLBH1: im not buying that shit

SqeekLBH1: lol

CNeck56: i was just wondering, lol

SqeekLBH1: yeah

SqeekLBH1: im about to make a new screen name and fuck with people

CNeck56: sweet, the vantom kevin

SqeekLBH1: yes

CNeck56: vantom phantom

SqeekLBH1: its all the same

SqeekLBH1: fuck it, lol

CNeck56: lol, yeah i'm a no spelling fool

SqeekLBH1: its ok, im like a damn dictionary

CNeck56: really?

SqeekLBH1: yeah

CNeck56: damn you dictionary

SqeekLBH1: yes

SqeekLBH1: my middle name should be webster

CNeck56: LOL

CNeck56: webster ross

SqeekLBH1: lol

SqeekLBH1: god i swear i convos should go on my website

SqeekLBH1: or at least on the quotes

CNeck56: ha, you need to update that site

SqeekLBH1: our convo's*

SqeekLBH1: yeah i've been busy lately, and nothing interesting has happened

CNeck56: got ya

SqeekLBH1: but im trying

CNeck56: got ya, i'll fuck with you till something gets updated

SqeekLBH1: yes

SqeekLBH1: is that all you have to look forward too? sad strange little man

CNeck56: damn straight, i sit in my room and think of ways to harrass you and the rest of the this sick sad world

SqeekLBH1: lol, and tonight we will try to take over the world

CNeck56: LOL

CNeck56: naahhh, we need a gomo and a burtch to do that kind of damage

SqeekLBH1: yep

SqeekLBH1: at least a gomo or two

CNeck56: yeah not so much a burtch

SqeekLBH1: yeah, he's more of a decoy, while we take over the world

CNeck56: LOL, he can hang around and play video games

SqeekLBH1: yeah

CNeck56: actually i want his job

SqeekLBH1: he can run around naked and distract the world leaders while we rape and pillage everything in sight, lol

SqeekLBH1: real viking style

CNeck56: LOL

CNeck56: sweet

SqeekLBH1: leave nothing unraped

CNeck56: LOL, no women unraped

CNeck56: no check that, no good looking women

SqeekLBH1: yes

CNeck56: unraped

SqeekLBH1: im going to write a book i swear

CNeck56: alright

CNeck56: based on the folly of a gomo

SqeekLBH1: just about stupid shit that goes on in our circle of friends, and it will be called stupid shit in the circle

SqeekLBH1: based on the folly of gomo

CNeck56: lol

CNeck56: with the neck and burtch experience

SqeekLBH1: or taking a shit in the circle

CNeck56: lol, or that tooooo, hmmm not to bad of an idea

SqeekLBH1: ive got it

SqeekLBH1: a generation of shit

CNeck56: LOL, perfecto

SqeekLBH1: yes

SqeekLBH1: the trials and tribulations of WHS class of '01

CNeck56: damn i'll buy it, and then force others to follow suit

SqeekLBH1: yes

CNeck56: we'll, i mean you'll be rich bitch

SqeekLBH1: yes

CNeck56: and i'll live off of you

CNeck56: thats a plan

SqeekLBH1: and you can ride off my coat tails and write your own book which will just be my book with a different name and have the chapters all out of order, and we will call it "a generation of stoners and shit"

SqeekLBH1: by Chad Neckar

SqeekLBH1: and we will both be rich

CNeck56: ah man, that is like THE perfect plan. fuck this school shit, let us be writers

SqeekLBH1: yes let us be writers, and one day we will take over the world, we will put hidden messages in our book and everybody will worship us

SqeekLBH1: kinda like Bill and Ted

SqeekLBH1: lol

CNeck56: cool, i'll like to have followers

CNeck56: lol

SqeekLBH1: and we can rape and pillage

CNeck56: bill and ted

SqeekLBH1: all the hot women have to have sex with us

CNeck56: always go back to that raping

SqeekLBH1: always back to the raping

CNeck56: i like tit

SqeekLBH1: you like tit? i do to

CNeck56: damn right

CNeck56: esspecially if its raped tit

SqeekLBH1: yes

SqeekLBH1: dude check my profile

CNeck56: ok, cool

CNeck56: one sec

CNeck56: thats sweet

SqeekLBH1: yes

SqeekLBH1: always back to that rape

SqeekLBH1: thats classic

CNeck56: ha, i need record this shit

CNeck56: ha

SqeekLBH1: yeah im gonna have to save it and put it on the page

SqeekLBH1: im gonna start a kevin/chad conversation page

CNeck56: wonderful

CNeck56: or just convos in general

CNeck56: people say some werid shit online

SqeekLBH1: but i only have good ones with you, at least outrageous ones

CNeck56: ha, alrightman i have to get the fuck out, and go get some thing to eat

CNeck56: ttyl man, have fun running and smoking

SqeekLBH1: yeah, later

CNeck56: Later man