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Nomocotton, Texas

A Place to for new writers and

the Redneck capital of Texas



A Little History

Uncle Hiram and the Grave Yard

Uncle Hiram and the Super Bowl

The School Board Election

The Jalapeno Waffle

The Cash Crop

The Battle For Frosted Twinkie Road

Fast Food

Aunt Mabel's Four Pepper Hot Hand Salsa

Red Tractor Tank

The Championship Game

Big Bobby and Sputnik

 A New Slant on Shop

CG Mihn and the Deer Hunt

The Last Flight of JT Bullen

A Game of Chance?

Red Jalapeno

Nomocotton, Texas Bio's

Big Bobby Bullen

Enoch Jones

Ephrum Ramsey

The Lunsford Gang

The Seasons Storyline

The Championship Game

The Spirit of Summer

Comes The Fall

A Bitter Winter

Spring Renewal 

Nomocotton: The War Years

Chapters 1 - 3

Chapters 4 - 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13 (Coming Soon)


Material that has been sent to me that I enjoyed

Stuff I wrote that dont fit in any other catagory

Lunch With God

Their World

Information Please?

Hero or Coward?

(Coming Soon)

Where is God's Perfection

Eli is Coming

(Coming Soon)

A Redneck Valentine 

Crystal's Corner

Poetry by

Crystal N Hocutt

Whispers in the Wind


Best of Claire

Home Run

The Duck and The Chickens



Dick McCormick's




The Storm

Brother John

The Mean Rooster
The Old Man

My Friend


Lonely Terror

Stories From East Texas


Louise Hocutt

The Beginning

Grannys Neck

Thanksgiving 1935

Canned Food

Second Anniversary

The Fourth of July

Adopted Angels













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