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The Golden Ankh Award of Excellence

In realization of the many hours of effort spent in creating and maintaining visually beautiful websites, easily navigated, ( no dead links ) suitable for all ages along Pagan themes this website would like to award the recognition deserved. The Ankh is the Ancient Symbol of Life Force...Creative Energy. This website is dedicated to that principle, that the Creative Force is a manifestation of Divinity. Sites awarded The Golden Ankh will be in keeping with that ideal, that education is vital to insure that future generations do not dwindle into the darkness of Ignorance and Oppression.


I am asking artists from cyber to submit their designs for a suitable icon for this Award. All entries will be posted on this page and the winner will be selected by Priestess on August 2nd, the Lughnassadh ( Lammas ) with the winning designer receiving an entire page to display their creativity and tell about themselves on this site, if he or she so chooses. In addition I will personally make a $50 donation to the Pagan Defense League or to The Goddess 2000 Project in the winner's name. I had originally planned on selecting a winning design on Litha, but have been asked to extend the Contest by several people who wish to submit designs but are still struggling with PaintShopPro and adobe. (grins)Hopefully with another 6 weeks this will be solved and I can select a Winner....

(proof of donation to be e mailed by the selected recipient to the winner)

Please e mail your design to this site as an attachment along with two or three sentences about either your design or yourself and that you give consent for me to place the information on this page next to your design. Thank you to all of my friends and the many pagan and "pagan friendly" members of the cyber community for participating in this Selection. I would like for this Award to be a sign that we endorse a cyber resource suitable for our children as well as adult readers. As an RN I will personally view each site considered for this Award and will look at them carefully as a Nurse and Priestess for suitability of content. I am sorry, but I will not be considering Satanic, Vampire or Goth oriented sites for this award or sites that openly promote violence in any form.
Love and Light, Priestess

Submitted Icons for the Award

This lovely design was submitted by: Tiffany/Lyria/MoonriverWoman. Writer. Witch.
This is her comment, I took it from her letter submitting her work. Thank you Tiffany for your exquisite design.
"People are the blood of magic... and magic is the blood of the people." ( Tiffany )

My thanks to Lady Secret/Beketaten, Priestess of The Goddess Bast, for this spectacular design!
This is her comment: "My words are in my service to Bast. I bring to the world the gift of beauty and compassion." ( Beketaten )

This terriffic design was submitted by a very dear friend. When I first met her several years ago in irc #Thelema on Undernet she called herself "shi_TheFox"...and sometimes Levanah. We lost track of each other and through the magick of cyber ran across each other a few months ago totally by accident on another irc Server. Hugs and mushy stuff to one of my favorite sorers...and thank you again for your design...

Her words: ..."This really isn't what I had originally wanted, but it's close...hope you like it..." ~sorer Levanah~

This exquisite design was submitted by Silvermoon, and my thanks for her comments and encouragement on this project. Ewy Im Hotep, Silvermoon. This is her comment from the letter submitting her design:
I chose this design because, well for one, I love the symbol of the egyptian eye most of seems to be full of mystery and secrets.....part of what Egypt seems to be about.

This just keeps getting better and better. My Thanks to dear friend and online buddy frater Frito for this superb design. I just Love smart and sexy men who can do neato stuff on computers, and frater Frito is one of the all time 'puter genius types. Thank you for this terriffic design!

His words: This matches your site. Pick this one and you are fashionably correct and suitably color co-ordinated. ~frater Frito~

( Does this guy know me or what?????)