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A little bit about me and how I feel about things...


That's one of several names I currently use, but somehow I think it is the most important ...
I serve my Gods, my Country, support the OTO with a Thelemic viewpoint, and I am currently somewhat "owned" by the two felines who allow me to share living space with them...Basti and Anubis...I PROMISE that now that this site is done, I will pay more attention to your litterboxes, ok?
Oh come on now, you do not REALLY expect me to put my home address on the Net, do you?????
Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.....Texas, USA
phone: If you need to call someone I suggest 911
see above....My phone number is unlisted.
ICQ UIN #87056l7

Welcome to my page. Here is how you can get in touch with me. If what you have to say is interesting, has few spelling errors ( remember Spellcheck??? ) and does NOT say things like .." and further more I think all of you nut bag pagans and witches are nothing more than Satanists that hate Jesus...", I might even answer your letter. If you are a real moron and write hate mail to me, I will simply block your further letters, ok?

I have enough to do without listening to mumbo jumbo and whatever you do, do not even THINK about writing and asking me for Love Spells, Eternal Life and Beauty Spells or how to turn your enemies into toads. Do not laugh, I have actually gotten that sort of request from people who "claimed" to be intelligent adults. Soooooooo.....'nuff said?

If you are an Egyptologist and looking at this site has made you seriously think that maybe you should have decided to be a dog groomer ( like your Aunt Josephine always remarked ) .......*sigh* least I tried. ( ok, so I am not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to translating hieroglyphics, and my attempt to render Ancient Egyptian into a phonetic chant on the Intro page more than likely sent you into convulsions of laughter)

Maybe I am just interested in what YOU thought of this website. Drop me a line or three and let me know.

To the wonderful people who have given special recognition and awards to this website project I send a heartfelt Thank You! My sisters/daughters and their families love bragging about them to ANYONE who will stand still for five minutes. Being totally brazen and shameless I brag about them while the "trapped" listeners are still moving...

Click here for excellent Pagan sites!

Priestess says Thank You to almost Everyone Else in the Known World....

I would like to say a much needed Thank You to the dear and late Scott Cunningham for the information I used on the Isis page...and to all of the wonderful and talented people out in cyber who make clever gifs and allow them into public usage. I wish I knew enough about this website building thing to be able to personally thank all of the helpers out there, but I don't.

Which reminds me...while I am at it...Dwayne, I told Rev. Christina over on the Virtual Temple site about you swiping those illustrations off of her site and sending them to me insinuating they were your own work, you toad!! Lucky for you I didn't tell her where you live...she is a Sekhmetian Priestess, for goodness sakes. If I were you I think I would be watching for ponds and avoiding them, (ponds=places toads like to live beside) she was pretty upset about the whole thing. Can you spell "Legal action for violation of copywrite laws"????

A Very Big Thank You to the nice people on the Channel 93 website, I took the gifs of "Do What Thou Wilt.." and "Love Is The Law" from their webpage. Thank You Nexist for being such a dear and letting me use your work. A girl has to be pretty durn nervy to swipe a gif from the ringmaster of a webring she wants to get into and not say Thank You, especially after getting an e mail reminding her it might be a good idea to do so!!

Thank you to the makers of the 60's film "Cleopatra" for the theme music you hear at the beginning of the site and the film "1492" for the theme music on the Sekhmet page. I do not know where to credit some of the other midi files as they were sent to me by friends...Since I cannot say where the mid files came from, I can say a Thank You to Erec Clapton for "Wonderful", to Bryan Adams for "Everything I Do", to Savage Garden for "Truely Madly" and to my all time favorites Jimmy Paige, Robert Plante and the guys of Led Zepplin for "Stairway" and "No Quarter"...since these are mids and not actual cuts from their recordings, I think I am safe here and not infringing on Copywrite. The music on the Grafitti page is a traditional British folk song called "An English Country Garden". Unfortunately, I have no idea at all where the music on my Award page came from, as it was sent to me by a friend who found it on a Gorean site, of all places!( Note: from time to time I may feel like changing the music on this page...and I will, too.)

I tried to credit as many of the text files as I could, as to where I found the information I based my writings on. I make no apologies or remarks about my own comments and renditions of myths, as they are my own versions of well known tales. I wrote the story of Bast and the little cat based on a well known story about the God Ra...somehow, my little cat named Bast *whispered* to me that it was never a God at all who did was Bast, Herself....(who but a cat would know that?)

And, last but not least.......To the wonderous man called Charles Christopher Stanley.....Charles, I finally did it. The young girl you used to let stay "after hours" in the British Museum to watch you clean the Egyptian artifacts grew up sharing your abiding passion for the antiquities of Egypt. Wherever you are now, thank you for those golden memories of adolescence. I can just imagine you in Summerland sipping tea with the Kings and Queens of Egypt that you seemed to know so well all those years ago. I have never forgotten your kindness to the awkward school girl who preferred the dust of Egypt to the playing fields of England. I only hope you finally got that cottage in Cornwall you dreamed of after your Retirement.
Rest well dear friend....Love, Priestess

In the time since I placed this tribute to Mr. Stanley on this page, I have been contacted by a member of his family. My dear friend and mentor passed from this world into the stars to join with his beloved wife in the summer of 1993. I found this quote and feel it says much. I shed a few tears when I saw this, remembering you, Mr.Stanley.

ps. For those reading this, he did get that cottage and had 2 restful years, before passing quietly in his sleep.

"If something comes to life in others because of you, then you have made an approach to immortality" (Norman Cousins)

Blessed Be, for our Gods are among us.....and the Goddesses are waiting to see what happens next!

Each man and each woman is a Star.

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