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Kristin's Bio

Kristin Ries (Notch)
31 years old
Texan now in Colorado, have lived in Santa Barbara and Dallas also
Light brown hair
Green eyes
Tutoring Business Owner & Professional Tutor
Top Notch Tutoring -
BA in Psychology; MA in Pyschology & pending School Counselor Certification (K-12)

I was born in Minnesota, but grew up in Texas. I moved to California for graduate school in 1999. I graduated with my MA in Psychology in 2001 and decided to move to the mountains (Colorado). Good thing I did, because I met my future husband 3 months after moving there. I have lived in Colorado since June 2001. Recently, I completed a School Counselor certification program at UCD. My husband and I bought a house located in Littleton, Colorado in May 2003. We got married at Red Rocks Chapel in Colorado in July 2003. Our honeymoon was in the Bahamas at the Royal Bahamian Sandals Resort (which I highly recommend). Anthany is working as an Architect at a small firm in Evergreen and I have a tutoring business in 7 different states. We have two dogs and one cat. We are anticipating our first child around May 1, 2005! Join the MyPoints Program. Earn free