Ransom, the Mad King's Castle

I am NOT responsible for Y/your actions and did NOT make Y/you come here. Parents!! It is not My job to watch what Y/your children are doing on the internet or any other place for that matter. It is YOURS!!! So, please, be a parent and keep an eye on Y/your kids. T/they probably won't like Y/your nosing in T/their business, but at least T/they'll know Y/you care enough about T/them to do so. So, now I say....If Y/you are not of legal age in Y/your community or are easily offended then go . . .

I made this page on Netscape 4.61. So, if something doesn't look quite right, it may be because Y/you aren't using that. If Y/you would like to enter My Castle then pass through the gate below.

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