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Grapevine Rotary Club Vocational Service

Donna Potter


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Vocational Service News

Club Resource Directory
The Club Resource Directory committee members are Debbie Lorberbaum, Arthur Emerson, Lloyd Latta, Fred Lee Held, Jesse Woods,and Donna Potter. We will be circulating a questionnaire to all members shortly. Please be sure to complete yours and return it ASAP. We would like to include a photograph of each member as well. Do you have a digital camera that our committee could use for this project? If so, please let one of us know.

Certificates of Appreciation
Vocational Service Certificates of Appreciation can be awarded to local businesses or persons that exemplify the ideals of Rotary in our community through service or achievements. We would like to present at least six Certificates of Appreciation during this Rotary year. If you know of a local business or person that deserves recognition for its service to the community, see Terry Robinson, Barry Fretwell, John Dorety, or one of the club directors.

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