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Grapevine Rotary Club Awards Fifteen Scholarships

The Grapevine Rotary Club Scholarship Committee has recently made selections for their 1999 scholarship recipients. Each year the Grapevine Rotary Club awards scholarships to graduating seniors from local high schools. The scholarship Committee was thankful for the many applications received since each applicant was so qualified.

The Grapevine Rotary Club is proud to announce the 1999 selections as follows:

Grapevine High School recipients are Melissa Stout, Rachael Jackson, Hunter Satterfield, Rebecca Eastin, Heather Mitchell, Renee Butts, Elyse Wampler, and John Zimmerman.

Carroll High School recipients are Beth Ann Milam, Andriane Rae Cornman, Heather Emmert, and Philip Larson.

Colleyville Heritage High School recipients are Ali Cernosek, Jennifer D. Roe, and Erika Von Lange.

The Grapevine Rotary Club's scholarship awards are directly related to their annual golf tournament that was recently comleted. The Club hopes to increase its scholarships for next year's applicants.

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