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1999 Palace Theater Fund Raiser

Prize: 2000 Ford Mustang GT Convertible.
Retail Value: $30,000
This fundraiser was sponsored by the committee "The Back Table", consisting of: Marvin Balvin, Bob Burrus, Mike Davis, Fred Lee Held, Dennis Luers, Gary Maggard, Wayne O'Daniel, Tim Raine, Steve Sims, and Steve Tatum.

These are some of the features Payton-Wright Ford has ordered with the Mustang:
Laser Red Color Coat
Leather Sport BucketSeats
Medium Parchment Interior
Manual Air Conditioning
CD Player
Mustang Power Grip
Power Windows
Power Door Lock
All-Speed Traction
Illuminated Visor Mirror
4.6Liter 2v SOHC
Anti-Lock Brake
Rear Spoiler
Transmission: Automatic Overdrive
Parchment Convertible Roof
17" Aluminum Wheels
Cruise Control
Fog Lights

Sponsored by: