Vampire Slayers

As much as it pains me, what vampire site is complete without a page on vampire slayers?

Abraham Van Helsing

Abraham Van Helsing is the oldest and possibly most famous vampire slayer to date. He is known for killing the notorious Count Dracula. His choice for slaying: Eucharistic wafers, wooden stakes, decapitation, garlic, and holey water. He has been seen in countless reincarnations including Doctor Van Gooswing in Count Duckula. His descendants have continued his fight against vampires. Some of these descendants are Conrad Van Helsing (Vampirella), Dr. Rachel Van Helsing (The Tomb of Dracula), and Victor Van Helsing (Transylvania Twist).

Buffy Summers

"In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forses of darkness. She is the Slayer." Possibly the most famous vampire slayer to date, second only to Dr. Van Helsing, Buffy Summers is the Chosen One. First appearing in the movie, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, she fought and defeated Lothos, the head vampire, and his minion. Joss Weldon later rewrote the conspept making Buffy: The Vampire Slayer a television series. In the series, she is led by Rupert Gile, her watcher, and aided by the Slayerettes, (Clockwise in the background of the picture) Alexander "Xander" Harris, Willow Rosenburg, Rupert "Ripper" Giles, Cordellia Chase, and Oz (not seen in picture). In the series, when one slayer dies, the next is called upon. In the end of the first season, Buffy drowns and technically dies (she is brought back through CPR). From that point on, there are two slayers: Buffy and Kedra (killed by Drusilla) and then Buffy and Faith (turned evil and killed(?) by Buffy). At the end of the third season, Buffy denounces her claims to the Watchers Council and becomes a freelance slayer. Buffy's choice for slaying: Stakes through the heart, sunlight, holey water, decapitation, crusifixes, fire, and anything else she can think of.


Not your typical vampire, Blade's goal in life (or un-life) is to hunt down and kill vampires. His mother was bitten while in childbirth, causing him to be born with all of the skills of a vampire but none of the dangers (he can walk in sunlight, silver doesn't hurt him). His task is to rid the world of the creatures that killed his mother and to find a cure for his hunger for blood. Blades choice for slaying: Silver Bullets, a nifty sword that chops off fingers of anyone who holds it, and sunlight. (This is the Blade from the movie released in 1998. Blade also appeared in many comic series along side Dr. Rachel Van Helsing and Morbius, including Blade: The Vampire Hunther, The Tomb of Dracula, and The Nightstalkers.)


The product of a vampire and a mortal woman having a child is a Dhampire. They are born with skills for detecting and destroying vampires. Most often males, they are typically members of Gypsy communities. They often hire themselves out as vampire hunters. Their powers are passed on through male decendents of of the dhampire.

Typical Vampire Slaying Tools

Wooden Stakes: Used to kill a vampire by driving it through the vampires heart.
Eucharistic Wafers: Burns the vampires skin when touched to it.
Holey Water: Burns the vampires skin when touched to it.
Crusifix: Used to repell a vampire. Burns the vampires skin when touched to it.
Garlic: Placed in widows, doors, and around necks and people to repell a vampire.
Mirror: Used to detect a vampire (vampires have no reflection).
Rope: Used to distract a vampire. Some vampires can not resist counting knots tied in a rope.
Seeds: Used to distract a vampire. Some vampires can not resist counting seeds spilled on the ground.
Sunlight: Burns a vampire on contact.
Fire: Burns a vampire on contact.
Bottle:Sorcerers can be hired to bottle a vampire.

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