Frank Lagella

Frank Lagella was born in 1940 in Bayonne, New Jersey. He began his acting career early in life. In 1959, he was awarded the Syracuse Critics award as best actor. He made his stage debut in 1960 in Pajama Game. After appearing in other playes, he made his first appearance in Dracula in 1967 at the Berkshire Theatre Festival. He appeared in other productions through the years. In 1977, Hamliton Deane/Jon L. Balderston chose his as the lead in Dracula. His part earned him two Tony awards. Legella was known to bring depth to the role of Dracula. J. Gordon Melton said in his book The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead, "In reflecting on the role, he noted:

...the women have to want to make love with Count Dracula. And he must want to make love to them as a man loves a woman...not as a vampire goes after blood. The things taht go on between Dracula and his women must be the result of her needs as well as his. Something is calling her, and is not fangs, or his wolf's eyes.
Lagella later appeared as Sherlock Holmes, a man that is said to have disguised himself as Van Helsing to fight Dracula.

Frank Langella as Dracula.

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