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Dragon Ball ZT

Welcome to the world of Dragon Ball ZT! Dragon Ball is a Anime Show. Anime is Japanese art. Or as I like to put it....cartoons with big eyes. Well Dragon ball is mainly about Goku. The Dragon Balls are orange balls with stars on them that range from 1-7, when all put together, a dragon called the Eternal Dragon will appear and grant you any one wish you want. Goku is a Saiyen, which is a alien race just like humans. The Saiyens goal is to pretty much conqor every planet ever known. So to do this The Saiyens sent babies to millions of planets so that when they grow up they will destroy every being there. Goku was one of those babies.

However, Goku did not accomplish his task of taking over the Earth. Instead he was cared for by the people who found him. He soon had his ability removed of changing into a large monkey like creature. Just like the story used to scare kids, they changed at the brightness of the moon, just like werewolves.

Goku then fights to save earth, thinking it of his home planet. He fights along side with his earth friends, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Choitsu. Also his son Gohan. The rest is for you to find out. Watch the show. The show comes on Cartoon Network weekdays at 4:00 central time. Even though the epoisodes on Cartoon Network are extremly'll give a little info on what the show is about. Here at my site you can find Profiles of Characters, Power Levels, and music which I will have up in maybe a few weeks or days.

My scouter reads that my power level is at since I started training on April 26, 1999

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