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Giant Red Flying Squirrel (Petaurista petaurista)

Giant Red Squirrel


New project; starting spring of this year. Our group will be the only ones in the private sector.
The Giant Red Flying Squirrel Is a product of a captive breeding program in Asia. There are a grand total of two in Zoo's worldwide according to ISIS. These are one of those once in a life time opportunities. I will be receiving my breeders this spring and all I can say at this time is there is very little known about these animals. These animals have a body length of up to 12" and a tail length equal to the body length. With a weight of up to five and a half pounds. As you can see from the picture they are a beautiful red color. There are a total of six different subspecies of the Giant Flying Squirrels with colors ranging from red to black and all shades in between. These animals are strictly herbivores and eat a variety of foods ranging from pine needles to leaves of different trees. We will be trying out several different diets for these squirrel to find a approved diet. Our breeding partner in Asia feeds a diet of strictly leaves. Litter size of these animals are usually one and occasionally two. These animals have been recorded to glide over 1400 foot. So the caging will be extensive. In most cases the animals move in a normal squirrel fashion running along the limbs of trees. The Giant red seems to use the same nest year round and is usually found in pairs at all times of the year. We will up date this page as material becomes available once we receive our breeders.

Mark and Freddy

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