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Return address on envelope:
E.B. Walker, 101 Pulliam St., Atlanta, GA
Addressed to: Mr. W. F. Walker, Corpus Christi, Texas

Atlanta, Ga Aug 3, 1925

My dear brother, I feel like talking to you a while this morning. It has been several weeks since I recd. a letter from you.

Frankie, it occurs to me, that we might exchange letters, at least once every month.

You, doubtless, remember that, you & I are the only members of a large family, of good people, that are left.

Whenever, I think about how strict we were reared & the many prayers that went to God, in our behalf, the next thought is this: How can we transgress, & loose our way to heaven.. “As for me & my house we will serve the Lord”.

Yes, thank God! Wife, I & our children are trying to live right; & we find it a pleasure to do right. If we will to live ____, ____ & had no souls to save, would pay every body, handsomely to live right – lead correct lives, for the pleasure that it affords us here. Don’t you think it would? The thought that troubles me most is this: why I did not live right & be happy all my life. I do find that it affords me too much joy to serve God, Frankie, I do hope that you, too, have found, "The Pearl of great price”, & are walking with him every day. “So mote it be”.

Wilbur, that handsom son of yours, calls on us occasionally. He was around to see us, at 101 Pulliam on last evening. It seems his businesss calls him to Atlanta occasionally; &, I want him to get acquainted with all of his kindred, that live here.

I find, that he is a sociable & cultivated gentleman – easily approached – one, who will make his way through this world successfully & equally. I am so glad that the Walker & the Barber blood mixed well. Yes, you & your wife have reared some children to be fine men & women of whom we should be proud. And, I do hope, that God will make them a blessing in their time and generation.

We, are, also, proud of our sons & daughters, who are doing good in this great, wide, & beautiful world.

Remember us, affectionally to your family & tell your wife that we are delighted with her fine son.

I am sorry that I left the farm, for cotton is now such good ____ that the farmers, in Georgia, are making money – where they poison the boll weevils. Our sons are making money farming. They own 100 acres of the Thomas plantation – their mother’s farm, & they have a farm in Monroe County, & they make good crops of both, corn & cotton. Yes, the farmers, in Georgia are ‘on top’ once more; & the town dweller, instead of (futying)? him, as they once did, now enveys him – sure ‘nough! No man lives better now, than the Georgia farmer; &, lucky is that boy or girl, who is now growing up on the farm. And, I think there is no greater opportunity awaiting young Georgia manhood & woman hood, than on a Georgia farm; for farm life, here, is not what if once was with good highways & the rural mail deliveries twice a day, the telephone, the radio, & the automobile, the farmers in the remotest sections are now in touch with all events.

Frankie, the greatest mistake of our lives was leaving the old plantation that gave us birth & reared us. There we had land in plenty, if we had have held on, until a better day came around, we would have been, today, prosperous, contented & happy.

Our love to all. Write soon. We are not well. Affectionately, Brother & Sister, ____, 101 Pulliam St.

Read Gal, 6 & 8. 2nd Cor 3, & 18. Romans 8 ______ & grow spiritually. I send a program of the memorial service that we attended. Some good talks were made. See on the program. EBW


Return address on envelope: E.B. Walker, 101 Pulliam St., Atlanta, GA
Postmark Nov 24, 1925
Addressed to: Mr. W. F. Walker, Corpus Christi, Texas

Atlanta, GA Nov 21, 1925

Hope you can read this. Can’t write well. Read 14 & 15 chap of St. John.

My dear brother, It has been a long, long time since we heard from you. Please remember, that the Walkers are something more than ___ ___ in cattle; Why, we are first class; & law abiding people – reared in the lap of luxury & surrounded by hallowed influences. Therefore, we cannot afford to loose sight of each other. Wilbur, bless his memory, had great respect for the family bearing, & would keep in touch; with each member of our family.

We are always glad to hear from you & your family. Occasionally, I meet your son in this City, &, I am well pleasured with him, because he bears the family pride, & seems to have that get up & go which is characteristic of the Walker family. We do things & not dream of them, all day long.

Well, my dear brother, you & I are the only members, of a large & respectable family left. God keeps us here for some good purpose. I shall be 75, the next time & you are just 4 years & 10 months before.

I do hope & pray, that you, like all of the family, have grown into the love of Divine things as old age comes upon you. I know I will not be here but a few years longer, thank God, I am ready, waiting & willing for the call. If it is God’s will, I would like for wife & I to _______________ & be buried in the home grave. We are tired of this big city, of 200,000 people, & are anxious to go back to dear old Griffin. And think we will move back there very soon, where we hope to die among friends of long ago, & be buried directly. I enjoy thinking about the translation from this cruel old world to that of eternal bliss, where I shall meet our mother, father, brothers, & sisters, & know what St. Paul tells us, the equipment we are to put on, for the conflict, is the whole armour of God, the ________ _____ parts of it so that we need not make a mistake, the breastplate of rightousness, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation & the sword of the spirit. With all these weapons before me, ____ ____ fighting ___ ___ ___ last, upon our knees – praying fervently with all prayer & ______ in the spirit & watching with _______. We must throw all of our forces of believing prayer against the wiles of the Devil, & keep in mind the full understanding, that there are _________________________ & the one that prays. The ______ of the Devil is a might force; ________, we must be ever on our guard, _____ he should over throw our good works. Pray often, the Devil will flee. Try that & you’ll ever be happy. God bless you & yours, If we never meet again on earth – meet me in heaven. This ____ __ will for old folks. Write to us soon. Love to all.

____ your brother.


Return Address: W. F. Walker, Wier, Tex, Rte 3
Postmark: Nov 15, 1920 W_E_ Tex
Addressed to: W. F. Walker, Corpus Christi, Tex Star Rt.

Wier, Tex
Nov 14 – 1920

Dear Bro & Sister

We read your letters 2 or 3 days ago. Sorry Frank your _____ Will but glad to hear the rest _____ all well. I had a spill of the grip, so the Dr called it, the Dr stopped it on me before it run into the pneumonia or flue. Sallie still has the rheumatism pretty bad at times. I have been in the house all week. I had pretty high fever last Monday night. The Dr give me medicine & got it down. So I am feeling alright today. Guess I will be able to get out when the weather gets better. We are having some cold sleaty weather. Plenty ice on the grass. Haven’t had but little nice good weather in several days freezing today. Hope the weather will change & turn warmer. Need sun shine might bad. There is bales of cotton still to pick here in this country & the bad rainy weather is causing it to rot fast.

The children are all getting along alright. We heard from them the first of the past week.

Your bro, love to all.


My Dear Bro and Sis,

I will try this cold sabbath day to write you a few lines. We were glad to get your letters but so sorry to hear that you, Frank, had been sick. Do hope you are alright by now. Are glad the rest are well. Mr. Walker has been sick but is getting along alright now. I still have rheumatism right bad.

John and Ethel are well. Last Monday was Mr. Walker’s birthday. We had a letter from all the children on his birthday and he had the Dr. He was 71 years old. I am 66. We sure are getting old. The children were all well except Minnie. She had sore throat. Poor little Minnie hardly ever sees a well day. We are having some cold bad weather. It is freezing this morning. Ethel and I gathered us a lot of flowers day before yesterday. Was afraid they would freeze. They sure are pretty. They are red, white, and yeller crysanthemums and roses and rose buds. We have 3 nice hogs to kill. Will be glad when can have some fresh meat. Well I will close with lots of love to you boath and all the dear children.

Sis Sallie

We are going to have a turkey Thanksgiving. Come up and take dinner with us. Do wish you would.

Bye bye


These letters are very old and very hard to read; especially the two from Eugene Walker in Atlanta, GA. I left the spelling and puctuation as it is in the letters. I left blanks where there were words that I couldn't read. I hope to figure them out one of these days.

Prepared by: Orene Ehlers Custer
Date: 18 August 2003