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Hi there and welcome to my home page! My name is Teresa Michelle Jacoby, "T" to my friends and fellow poets. You can also find my writings under the pen names "Chelle" or "Temija." I'm a 5'7", winter-green eyed (deep green with gold flecks) imp (hehe). I live in a small rural town east of Dallas, in the forests of Kingston, near Greenville, Texas. I love to write poetry and short prose, and I love to observe everything...people, animals, weather. But then that's where inspiration comes from, right? Einstein once said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." And I so believe that to be true, for what good does knowledge do without the ability to dream, to have vision. I have 114 pieces of work here for your enjoyment so far, more to come. I hope you enjoy and take some of them to heart!
I also like to hike, cave, rock climb, University of Alabama football and all baseball, dance, thunderstorms, love animals, and the smiles and laughter of children and seniors. I am a business owner, published poet and always a friend when one is needed. Aquarius by birth and a southpaw (we're the best). So, anyway, here are links to my poetry below. I do hope you enjoy and hope you'll sign my guestbook. Please feel free to email me too at!!
Much Love & Hugs to all for each of us can never have too much of that!!!