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Design Of Hearts

"Design Of Hearts

Destined paths of star-crossed lovers;
bared souls wrestle 'neath shadow'd covers
of darkness and fantasy's realm supreme.
Is this reality? Or, merely a dream?
Hearts beat rapidly against the night,
bodies embraced in heated passion tight.
Eyes speak more than words can say ...
lost in love's sweet grace we stay.
Echoes of nightsong upon the wind ~
here love has no beginning or end.
Paths of two come together as one,
design of destin'd lives has begun.
Eternal love shines with its grace ~
reflected wtihin this most sacred place.
For hearts blossom upon love's touch,
a bond by which two share so much.
And in this hour, this day, this life ...
a man, a woman ~ forever husband and wife.

12/03/00 "Chelle"