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Angels' Tears

"Angels' Tears

For love of the world and the horrors of man,
the angels cried, their tears falling upon this land,
tears of their love for our earthly realm,
flooding like rain, they were overwhelmed.
Our wonder and our beauty they did see,
not understanding how cruel we could be ~
to each other and to our own mother earth,
so in pity and in rage, their tears gave birth ~
to diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, opals and rubies ~
their tears formed these stones of such beauty.
We look at these stones with such pleasure and awe,
yet, the angels' tears which made them we never saw.
So, the next time you revel in these stones elegance,
remember they came from angels' tears by chance,
of angels who pitied man with his cruel discord ~
falling out of grace with our heavenly Lord.

08/28/99 "Chelle"