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Words On The Wind

"Words On The Wind"

Cast not thy wayward glance upon me,
lest thou doth love me most profoundly.
Cast not thy net so close around me ~
lest we enmeshed in love must be.
Cast not thy spirit all around me ~
lest by love we are joined eternally.
Let not thy touch bringth sweetest seduction,
lest I am thy heart's truest affection.
Place thy tender kiss on my lips of red,
but only if thy heart's true words are said.
Knoweth that I am not easily won,
only with truest love and adoration.
Yet, when thou hast proven thy words are true,
I shall give myself wholly and thus undo
these chains that have bound my passion so long,
for in love's surrender, my soul then belongs.
And in thy life, by thee I shall forever stand,
for I taketh such pride in my loving man.
And when the time of silvered age is near,
I will forever hold thy loving heart dear.
Ne'er death nor time shall changeth my heart ~
for it will have been thine from the start.
And always true to the only love I've known ~
these words on the wind will forever be blown,
reminding thee of my love and happiness
that I found only within thy heart's caress.

12/06/99 "Chelle"