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Victim Of Love

"Victim Of Love"

A victimn of love,
slave to your will;
in the moments of ecstasy
I long to linger still,
The touch of your lips
hot against my breasts;
your passion's fire
puts me to the test.
The feel of your fingertips,
softly caressing my thighs,
from deep within my soul
emits a primal sigh.
The tingle of your teeth
teasingly nibbling my skin.
The door to my heart is open,
please, my love, come in.
A victim of love,
I freely give to you
my heart, my soul and body
~yours forever true.
Your concubine, your courtesan,
your lover I will be,
for in pleasing you, m'love,
pleasure comes to me.
Destiny has brought me to you,
ecstasy ~ the heavenly prize.
I see you are a victim too,
through the love shining in your eyes.
But, oh, sweet victims we,
with pleasure we do fall,
for with you and I ~ us,
we experience Love's all.

03/10/99 "Chelle"