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Before It's Too Late

"Before It's Too Late

The cry of death from a deserted alley;
death from starvation, in the years of technology?
The mind-dazzling agony of a man shot in war;
his gasps at last can be heard no more.
The pain of a blind man just struck by a car,
his eyes searching for that invisible star.
The pleading of an addict who just wants a fix;
and the smirk of the pusher who does it for kicks.
The slash on her throat and the wound in her head;
another unsuspecting girl has just been found dead.
Now murders, and killings, and deaths will go on,
because we care too much about only ourselves,
and never consider all the ones who need help.
We hoard all we need and want with our greed.
And we never consider our brothers' needs.
So, people! Continue to murder your fellow man,
and see just how safe you are in this land.
For, if we continue at this uncurbed rate
many of us will find out too late,
that in the words we must help each other.
Help each other survive and preserve our brothers.

01/17/99 "Chelle"