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The Path

"The Path

Before you lies a tender path,
well-trodden and somewhat used;
often so beautiful and wondrous,
sometimes abandoned and abused.
Its been travelled quite often,
as it runs along the river.
Seems its been here forever,
as long as I can remember.
Someone's always coming or going,
they never stay too long.
Perhaps they seem to feel
this is not where they belong.
I know this path well
inside my heart's memory.
Perchance you'll come to know
its quite pristine beauty.
This path that rolls along side
this river of churning emotion ~
to such a long-lost heart
filled with deepest devotion.
And if you take the chance,
at the path's end you will see ~
on this path to my heart,
you'll find a home in me.

12/09/00 "Chelle"