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The Beauty

"The Beauty"

I can see the beauty of the majestic trees,
when I look at the green Life of their leaves.
I can see the beauty of the colorful butterfly,
its vibrant artistry fluttering against an azure sky.
I can see the beauty of the rolling river as it flows,
carrying to the distant oceans the mountains' ivory snows.
I can see the beauty of a calm, star-sprinkled night ~
the wonder and the awe bringing such delight.
I can hear the beauty in a sea shell's song,
the ancient roar of music carried for so long.
I can feel the beauty of a spring shower's rain,
its music as it patters against the window pane.
I can sense the beauty of the earth at peace,
a hike into the hills sets my mind at ease.
I can see the beauty in hawk's cry above ...
the gifts of nature and her infinite love.
And the greatest beauty of all, is in this to share ...
with one another's heart to love and to care.
So take some time, relish with simple glee ...
all these things of beauty around you and me.

01/09/00 "Chelle"