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Deep in the Brazilian forest, ancient and primeval
dwells a hidden tribe of a most primitive people.
Pure in their heart and strong of soul,
to their god, Tauntuah, they gave control.
Amidst the jungle, they made sacrifice
'neath his powerful and all seeing eyes.
They took from the jungle only what they need,
unlike others who swallow the world with greed.
Tauntuah, the mighty protector of all,
heeding always to his people's call
there in the primordial jungle's mist.
As the outside world's intrusions persist,
Tauntuah guards his people with strength,
until they and nature are safe at length.
His people, his beasts, his land
are safely protected by his hand.
He'll raise the winds to howl on high,
bring darkened clouds to storm the sky;
viruses called forth like demons at will,
making the intruders to his realm ill.
Take care, for Tauntuah's anger is great,
leave his people alone, or meet your fate.
Tauntuah watches over his people with care,
so tread lightly in the jungle, if you dare.
Remember, this was his world long before
we intruded, and it'll be his once more.
We haven't the right to take their land,
lest we be damned by Tauntuah's hand.

01/02/00 "Chelle"