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"Tattered Soul"

Emptiness echoes within this form.
A hollow chamber of remnants
once was whole, once was loved,
now weathered on its final descent.
This soul once knew what it was
to soar high, to touch the sun.
But what's left to a tattered soul
when love's decline has begun.
My soul cries its mournful song,
my heart weeps an ocean of tears.
Love has brought to shining light
my soul's deepest, darkest fears.
My soul seeks the light of love
hoping to mend its aching scars.
Somewhere, perhaps, there is a love
out there beneath the shining stars.
So, please I pray this darkened night
bring hope to this tired soul,
give me peace within my dreams
let serenity take control.

5/6/00 Chelle