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Take Me Back

"Take Me Back"

Take me back to a place far away,
take me back to childhood yesterdays.
Back amidst the sunshine and rainbows ~
the happiness that only a child truly knows.
Clubhouses up in the towering trees.
Cowboys & Indians ~ such childhood fantasies.
Cotton candy, circus clowns and ice cream;
memories of so long ago it now seems.
Take me back ...
take me back.
Chasing lightning bugs on those hot summer nights.
Mud pie fights ~ golly!! What a sight!
Crawdad fishing down at the creek ~
these happy memories I so often seek.
China-berry fights neath the summer sun;
days and nights filled with frolic and fun.
Sitting under the stars wtih endless chatter;
friends and laughs, nothing else seemed to matter.
Take me back ...
take me back.
Let me escape back to that simpler time;
back to candy and sodas costing only a dime.
Rainbows held such wonder, snow was a prize;
all the world's magic seen through a child's eyes.
No schedules to keep, no bills to fret and pay;
Oh! How I miss those precious childhood days.
But I keep them tucked safe within my memory ~
they're an often welcomed escape from an Adult's reality.

07/09/00 "Chelle"