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Fingertip traces echo upon heated skin.
Breathless whispers of passion do begin.
Words of love dance upon the air ~
hearts take flight without a care.
Souls touch as never before ...
a kiss, the key to open love's door.
Night belongs to lovers' pleasure,
for these moments are love's measure.
Bodies in rhythm to love's ecstasy,
sweetest song played only for you and me.
Touch of lips bring forth passion's flow,
for in this night, desire does grow
to gladly consume our yearning desires,
for only love can quench their fires.
Eyes spark of love's flames within ...
love's pleasures revisited again and again.
Forever the night to us will belong ...
by gentlest touch, by heart's sweet song.
Our souls forever carried by love aloft ...
lingering amidst the night's breath soft.

09/01/00 "Chelle"