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Slave To The Master

"Slave To The Master"

On wing'd night he comes to me ~
this phantom lover, demon be.
As he pulls me into his warm embrace,
'tis my life's blood he sweetly tastes.
I am spellbound, in his command,
slave to whatever his heart demands.
Yet, willingly I submit to his desire,
for ecstasy resides in his passion's fire.
Bare flesh of neck and of breast,
I join him now in his daylight rest ...
whereby night astride him, we fly,
across the starlit dappled sky,
to his realm of dark destiny's pride,
I am his concubine, loyal at his side.
By his touch, my heart does burn,
but, only with longing of more I yearn.
With his kiss of lust ~ so warm, so deep,
wrapped in passion, by day we sleep.
And by moonlight rising upon the land,
our thirst, our hunger do command
we feast upon our hearts tonight ...
forever cast from the day's warm light.

01/07/00 "Chelle"