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Shape Shifter

"Shape Shifter

Part of the Vampyre Series

Oh, familiar of black-sheen'd wolf
with eyes of piercing gold ~
my heart's haunting possessor
whom I desiredly long to hold.
Immortal love be yet still,
and come to me this night.
Linger amid the shimmer'd stars
making love by passionate bite.
Embrace me within thy wings,
as we sing to the crested moon.
Dance with me this dance of desire,
for the sun rises all too soon.
Music of the winds soothes our soul,
but our savage hearts still cry ~
thirsting with this hunger within,
we must feed or lest we die.
Take flight this night upon the wing,
cast Fate's winds against chance.
Eternal hunger burns within,
fed by deepest darkest romance.
Appetite most insatiable
craving hottest flesh and blood ...
kiss of night's darkest desire
brings forth passion's flood.
So, phantom mine a'wing
caress me within your flight ~
cross starry-skied canopy
of deepest ebon'd night.

06/21/00 "Chelle"