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Realm of Shanbora

"Realm of Shanbora"

Where dragons gather and fires burn,
where passions rise and desire yearns,
against the darkest sky of deep night
dragons soar and flames burn bright.
The warrior's quest for dragon's heart,
not to slay but for love to start.
Across the abyss, the warrior strides,
to take the dragon, the night sky to ride.
Not by sword, the dragon to best,
but by tenderest touch to her breast.
To will her heart to that of his own,
taming her to him, forever to belong.
With gentle word he soothes her fear
of man, as they fly cross the atmosphere.
From two unlikely hearts, now become one,
warrior and dragon, eternal combination.
Through time ageless, these two side by side,
kindred spirits across eternal aeons they ride.
With tender love the dragon he rules ...
her yearning fires he chooses not to cool;
for in this exotic realm of Shanbora ~
love in their hearts be the sweetest ambrosia.

01/01/00 "Chelle"